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A Bubble Maker's Dream

sometimes you reach what's realest by making believe

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Things You Should Probably Know in Advance

1. I've had a constant, seemingly untreatable, and as-of-yet undiagnosed headache since April 23, 2010. It's true what they say: pain DOES change people. And while it may be true that pain makes you stronger, I would argue that chronic pain most certainly does not. It's disgusting amounts of frustrating, and I whine, rant, and ramble about it here. Incessantly.

2. I miraculously stopped biting my nails at the age of 22, shortly following my graduation from college. I've compensated for all those lost years of having pretty nails with an incurable obsession for nail polish. I keep my ever-growing bottle collection in a shoebox. Or two.

3. I write. I draw. I paint. I love do-it-yourself crafts and projects. And I am stupidly sensitive to feedback when I bother sharing any of these things. I have an AA degree in Studio Art and a Bachelor's Degree (with honors) in Creative Writing. However, you will almost never hear me refer to myself as a legitimate "writer" or "artist."

4. I fangirl. LIKE A BOSS. You will often find yourself subject to ramblings on the following topics: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen novels and/or films, art, astronomy, environmentality and green living, the X-Men films, Walt Disney and all things pertaining to his legacy, bubbles, random books I've read, and nail art.

5. I am in the midst of my own quarter-life crisis. It's heaps of frustration that I spew upon this journal with a vengeange. Beware (and feel free to skip) any and all ramblings in which I discuss jobs, my health, faith, insurance woes, my living situation, and, above all, my inability to make a concrete descision that might actually FIX any of these things.

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