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Every Doctor Who fan who is not caught up to the most recent episode should ignore this entry in its entirety.

Every Doctor Who fan who is caught up to the most recent episode should click here and read this: How Doctor Who Finally Became Great Again. It is spoiler-ridden, fair warning. And the first several paragraphs make me want to smash glass for daring to place some of the blame for that horrendous last season on the brilliant Peter Capaldi/Twelve.

Oh, and the sunglasses. I don't hate them, but the Doctor needs his screwdriver.

But everything else in this article?


It didn't work at all last year to have a Doctor who lacked enthusiasm and whose first instinct is to dislike his fellow man/alien.

Mind you, nobody seems to notice that this actually STARTED back with Eleven. He got so disgustingly overprotective of Amy, Rory, and then Clara that he reacted with anger, fear, and horror to most of the alien situations he encountered. I'm surprised they're trying to pin it on Twelve, here, when this is something I found very off-putting about Eleven early in his run. Part of what made Under the Lake/Before the Flood so fantastic was the way it perfectly bridged that crass, grumpy version of the Doctor Capaldi wanted so much to be with the reintroduction of the Doctor's old fascination with finding something brand new (in this case, the ghosts). He was still rude and insensitive about it toward the people involved, and the scene with Clara and the cards to combat that was hilarious and fit both their characters. But his wonder and amazement at their very existence, his curiosity, all sparkled because it was something that has been missing from this show for a long, long time, now.

But in the Moffat era, the mythology oftentimes overwhelmed the series and the female companions were frequently reduced to riddles the Doctor had to solve.


It goes on to discuss how there doesn't seem to be any overarching theme/mythology this season, but I disagree. We've had Davros's warning of the legend of a hybrid, mention of an ominous unknown character (the Minister of War), and have now been introduced to Ashildr who might have something to do with one or both of those references, or who at the very least is a character we'll likely see again. But this season isn't beating us over the head with these things the way previous seasons have. Bad Wolf, Harold Saxxon, and the DoctorDonna all had such a great payoff because the references were short, sweet, and fleeting until that very last moment when WHAM, it hit you in the gut like finding out Snape was trying to protect Harry and the Sorcerer's Stone. We didn't need constant reminders of any of those things in every episode: just little teases, enough to make us think back and say, "Whoa!" when the truth became clear in the season finale(s). I hope this season is taking a step BACK toward that kind of subtlety.

Now that Clara is no longer either a silly riddle to be solved or, in the words of actress Jenna Coleman, a “control freak” who is constantly lying to both her boyfriend (R.I.P. Danny Pink) and the Doctor, she’s someone we can absolutely appreciate and root for. Charisma was never a problem for Coleman; it was the structure that failed her.

If by "structure" they really mean Moffat's inability to write a strong, believable female who isn't defined solely by relationship problems and/or the Doctor's need to "solve" her, then YES. This was my ENTIRE ISSUE WITH LAST SEASON.2. Because really, the issue began in the season finale with Eleven's regeneration, when all of the sudden it became canon that Clara had a thing for Eleven. Until that point, it was up for debate why exactly she was traveling with the Doctor, but that moment changed her entire motivation and made it revolve entirely around a potential relationship. She went off the deep end emotionally over Twelve being "different" (I won't get into all the reasons THAT was stupid and out of character, because old news at this point), and then as soon as she came to terms with it and decided to stick it out with this platonic Doctor, BAM: next episode she has a new love interest. And I loved Danny. He was a fascinating character that I wish we'd had more time to get to know. But in delightful Moffat fashion, it made more sense to hurry up and off him for the sake of the flash-in-the-pan drama.


In any case, I'm glad it worked out so that this season, Clara gets to be just Clara. It makes her a much more realistic and relateable character (even if she does still lack a certain degree of consistency and depth). Her childlike devotion to and faith in the Doctor is endearing without it blinding her to his fallacies, and her courage, gumption, and cleverness this season reminds me of the Davies-era Companions in all the best ways. Keep it up, writers. Keep it up.

The article also discusses all the little nods to previous seasons of Who that have gone into this season thus far. I. Am. Loving them. Every time there's a little quote or a reference to old Who, I squeal at the TV, and the big reveal about Capaldi's face in this episode was. just. fantastic. I hope they keep that up, too!

Something this article does not touch on that I think is worth noting is the shift in where many of these adventures have taken place. Last season, they tried too hard to establish that Clara hasn't run off with the Doctor the way most of the other Companions have. She had a life, obligations, was a school teacher, and occasionally sent the Doctor to pop off for coffee. It was awkward and didn't quite fit. Nothing felt as magical as with previous Companions, because she wasn't being whisked away on a whirlwind adventure that showed her something so much bigger than her little life on Earth while simultaneously teaching her how WONDERFUL that little life on Earth was. Because we were still, more or less, always IN her life on Earth. So far, that hasn't been an issue this season, and I'm grateful. I've been ready for a long, long time for a new Companion to come along who would travel full-time with the Doctor with just the sporadic return to Earth to "check on things." We need that again, and I hope whoever they dream up to travel with the Doctor next fits that role.

To sum up... we're on a roll, Season 9. Keep it up, and don't let me down!
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Why does Firefox insist on the use of two pop-up indicators for their recommended upgrades? I assure you I will ignore it regardless of how many little boxes appear, Firefox. Calm down.

I AM SO STRESSED OUT OVER WORK. (I needed to admit it. In words.) I strive to be a positive and flexible worker, but there is so much going on right now that I'm feeling pretty strained. If we break down the number of positions, tasks, and/or classes I can currently assume across my two roles at Disney, I essentially have five different jobs I might be doing on a given day. That alone can result in a disjointed and sometimes-trying workweek. When you add a massive technological and procedural change to one of those jobs, require me to train others on those changes for another one of the jobs, and consider I am currently learning a SIXTH job (in the form of the new scripted class I've taken on), it becomes a bit clearer why all this is so daunting just now. I know things will calm down eventually, but in the meantime, I feel close to my breaking point and am tired, impatient, and cranky all the time. And this, of course, makes me feel like a bad person and a failure at being that flexible, positive force in my locations.

That's the worst part, I think. If I could convince my brain it's OKAY to be stressed out and not functioning at my best while I struggle through these additions/changes, it might not be quite so bad. But I just can't seem to kick the idea that I also need to appear like nothing's wrong while I deal with all this.

The following game should exist: you design a group of unicorn, pony, and pegasus friends and take them on adventures through a magical rainbow candyland, completing quests while meeting other mythical creatures. It would be your standard RPG, but sparkle-fied, and I would play the HECK out of it. I need to befriend a game designer who, unlike my brothers, will actually listen to me and create this.

This skirts the edge of feminine TMI: I got home today and discovered a series of disgusting bruises all over my left shoulder and back along the location of my bra strap. Examining my bare back is not a priority when I get home most days, but I'm not aware of this ever happening before. Is this normal? What causes this? My bra was bothering me last night, but there were no unusual marks there. I have employed the use of an old, stretchy bra this evening to combat this, which provides almost no support and creates an irritating illusion of uniboob.

Oh, the delights of being a woman.

A handful of folks I follow on Facebook had status updates today discussing how upset they were/are by early Christmas conversations/decorations. I actually considered pulling out my bedroom Christmas lights tonight to cheer myself up, but ultimately realized I'm too tired to hang them. Nice knowing it would bring a little drama to someone's life if I did, though... Insert your devious smiley grin of choice, here. (Ah, there's my inner Gryffindor.)

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07 October 2015 @ 10:36 pm
I read an old article I'd bookmarked ages ago about the Lisa Frank company. It's strangely disorienting to know the drama-laden reality behind a collection of rainbow-colored fantasy artwork I admired in my youth, like putting on what you expect to be a great flik and finding it's a Lifetime movie, instead. The article was rather fuzzy on the details of how Lisa Frank got her start. There was an underlying suggestion that it had to do with her parents' wealth, despite allusions to her "being discovered" and having the sense of an "entrepreneur." But did her "discovery" have more to do with the former or with the latter? Is being discovered a thing anymore?

I'd like to hope I'll be discovered, someday. But while this series of work-related stresses keeps me busy in my working hours and mentally drained in my non-working hours, that doesn't seem likely. I'm too tired to work on creating anything for discovery! Eventually script training will be done, and I'll survive a few classes. Eventually the new tech for my resort will come in, and the Cast will get accustomed to it. Then I'll have a little while to calm down, but for now, all I want to do when I get home every day is sleep!

I've been trying to do some math about expenses, the upcoming holiday, and my trip next year. One of the things I'm dallying over is whether or not to renew my annual pass to Universal. It would crush me to not have the option of going to Wizarding World whenever I wanted, but... I rarely go as it is. I dislike making that drive by myself (the traffic in that area makes me nervous, and I tend to get lost), and often I only go with Robert and Alex. It's tricky enough to orchestrate that, now, because Robert often puts off deciding whether he will or won't go anywhere until the last moment, and Alex tends to spontaneously take off to go alone. Trying to get them to go with me is usually like pulling teeth, and I doubt that will change, because when I mentioned this reasoning to Alex, he agreed with me! It makes me sad. Not renewing would be an entire paycheck I could put toward my trip next year. But (as silly as it sounds), Wizarding World is one of my happy places to escape. I suppose not having the option to go would force me to visit my own theme parks more, though, so that might be a positive spin on this.

I'm also trying to work out Christmas gifts early this year. I'm certainly going to downsize what I normally do for friends, at least in terms of spending for the guys. I already know what I'm doing for Sami, if I can pull it off! (It's a pretty large and time consuming "if," but not at all expensive, though I know it's something she's going to freak out over... IF I can manage it!) Family, as usual, is much trickier.

Being an adult and trying to think of useful gifts is so annoying! Can't we all just go back to macaroni art, perler beads, and melting crayons under wax to make "stained glass" window hangings?!

Speaking of annoying things about being an adult... sleep beckons, and tonight I am going to heed its early call, because I am wiped out. Good night, world!

30 September 2015 @ 12:09 pm
Oh, look at that. I let my paid account expire. Oops?

It's not a huge expenditure, but there's no sense in spending that money just to have the option of choosing between more icons maybe twice a year. Though I will miss the icons. A moment of silence.

I'm on the tail end of a surprise four-day weekend. While it's still not clear how this happened, both my schedules at DU and Y/B corresponded and showed zero hours from Sunday through today. I considered reaching out to my leaders to get those hours back, but ultimately chose not to question it. I've been exhausted, mentally and physically, for myriad reasons, and this four-day free spell has been nothing short of GLORIOUS.

Mostly I've been sleeping in to my heart's content, taking care of chores that had been pushed to the sidelines, and arting. So much arting. I got quite a few pieces of old art listed in my Etsy shop: things I've been meaning to sort through and either try to get some extra spending cash for or just throw out. I also did an internet/social media cleanse by tidying up my bookmarks (that took ages) and sorting through my Facebook friends list. It's amazing how much lighter that made me feel. I may try to make it a monthly habit to keep from getting that bogged down again.

Happenings in my life: Sami came to visit, and it was glorious as always. We went to the Halloween party (dressed as Leia and Hawkeye), took a gobton of pictures, ate lots of delicious food, and gave each other pedicures. I love that she's happy and thriving in Texas, but I do selfishly hate being apart from her so much.

Alex is moving out at the beginning of November. He'd been musing about it for a while, so it was no huge surprised when he finally set a date. Still, I'm sad he's going. Our little trio worked out so well for so long, and we had fun. I worry I won't see him much anymore once he's gone. And I'm not looking forward to the process of helping select and then getting used to living with someone else. Robert said to be forthright with him if I have any hesitations about new roommates, but given my track record with being forthright in general, that may not work out so well.

Mom and I are planning a trip to London and Paris next year! I keep crossing my fingers that this trip won't fall through, as so many others have. She's wanted to go to Paris since she was a little girl, though, so I think she has more emotionally invested in these plans that any of our former would-be vacations. We're also planning a trip home to Louisiana, just the girls, with some time off I accidentally took in November (think that's when Robert's marathon trip to Disneyland was--it was actually earlier this month, and I couldn't get the time off approved for that). I'm looking forward to being home in Louisiana, but not to the trip itself. Plane tickets from here to there are ridiculous, so we're probably going to drive... and I've never driven that route myself! Meep!

On the work-front, DU had internal interviews for new Welcome to Ops facilitators some time ago. This was the class I originally attempted to audition for in the spring of 2014 that had me so stressed. That audition was a mess-and-a-half, but it resulted in my being offered a facilitator role for two other Merchandise-related classes, which I had always considered a blessing in disguise, because I love those classes! Truthfully, I had no intention of auditioning for Ops again: it still seemed too daunting, and I was content with the classes I already knew. But several fellow Cast Members and leaders at DU approached me about it until I felt I might as well try... and I got it!

I've had two days of script training so far, with two more this week, and I can now safely say that "daunting" is an understatement. This class is four hours of straight-content (no technical training), and I worry I won't be able to memorize the script well enough in the time I've been allotted. Two stacks of blank index cards sit before me as I write this, and I intend to fill them with prompts/notes at some point today. Unfortunately, right now I'm floating on a blissful art-high, formed of rainbows and puffy clouds built up over my three free days. From up here, that script look like a five-ton stone I don't feel at all inclined to pick up any time soon.

And on the other side of my Disney work-sphere, there are many changes, both exciting and frustrating, coming to my role at Y/B. I work primarily with package delivery there (still under merchandise, just a slightly different role), and we're seeing a lot of new technological changes in the coming weeks that have already proven to be stressful. In the long run, these changes should be hugely beneficial, but the actual implementation is rough, and the potential for human error seems to be skyrocketing in the meantime, which ultimately means way, way more troubleshooting work for me. I've found myself strapped for time, putting things off for the next day, or extending myself into a longer shift just to get it all done.

Times like this a girl could really use a TARDIS.

Speaking of the TARDIS, it's been a good week for Nerddom. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered last night with an epic bang, and the two-part Doctor Who season opener was shockingly good! (Well done, Moffat. Now, keep your act together for the rest of the season.) Avengers: Age of Ultron finally comes out on DVD in two days, and I can't wait to watch it again, despite seeing it three times while it was in theaters. (Yes, I enjoyed it THAT MUCH.) I've been trying to get my parents caught up on the MCU in time for us to watch it together next time I go home, and in doing so, realized they haven't seen ANY of the Marvel sequels. I've got my work cut out for me. And while it wasn't this week, it wasn't too long ago that J.K. Rowling herself called it the Age of Hufflepuff, and I'm down with that, despite the fact that I am beginning to embrace my partial internal Gryffindor, too. (Just call me a Grufflepuff.)

There are likely other things I'm neglecting here, but that's a good enough update for now. Hopefully the next won't be another six months in the making!

10 March 2015 @ 07:46 am
I sort of made a resolution to journal on a weekly basis, so considering we're nearly ten weeks into the new year, maybe that's a thing that should happen, now? Sort of?

I'm 31, now. Doesn't feel much different. My birthday itself was mellow. I spent it with family. Mom was sick but did her best to make my day special. Dad... tried. My brothers... didn't try at all. I know I screwed up in the sister department during high school and college, and despite what I hope have been decent efforts, it seems adulthood is now too late to mend that. But that's an entry for another day.

The goal is to do something special every day of March for my birthday (31 days of turning 31). I had both big and small things planned (mostly small, because they need to be things I could accomplish after work on the days I'm there). I've missed a few days, but I figure I'll make up for it somewhere along the line by doing multiple things in one day. It's probably silly, but it makes me smile.

And of course I took vacation and dyed my hair again. At this point, it must be tradition.

And Sami comes in a few days. My entire brain is like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over this. XD

My froomie/landlord brought home a dog last night. It's an itty-bitty little thing his brother found, and the froomie's been talking about how much he wants a dog for ages. He named the dog Wash, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to train him to bark whenever I ask him to tell me I'm pretty. Somehow. Because I don't know a thing about dogs, y'all. And he's precious and adorable and yapped for 30 minutes after the froomie left this morning. (Okay, so that last part is annoying and also the only reason I'm awake right now, but ah well, growing pains.) Right now I'm kind of just treating him like a very energetic cat, because cats are what I know.

Wash curled up in my lap last night and sat there for a little while the way Tigger used to. I didn't expect that to trigger all kinds of EMOTIONS, but it did. I had two good crying fits before falling asleep. Back in the apartment, my former roommate's cat sometimes reminded me of Tigger in a way that made me sadly nostalgic, but I don't remember ever crying over it. So, that's new. Ugh, feelings.

I got myself an iPod Touch, which was a completely unnecessary expenditure for someone who so rarely has the Headache tolerance to listen to music. But I flippin' can't afford a smart phone and monthly data plans, and this little guy (I named him George) does but calls and texts whenever I have WiFi. So that's cool. The people I work with can stop teasing me about joining modern civilization.

Speaking of work, I changed my days off over the last bid, so when my vacation ends, I'll have Sunday/Monday off. I want to start going to church again, or at least try. It's going to be annoying, because I dislike having weekends off. But I haven't found a single church out here with evening services I like and can attend, so there's that. If it doesn't work out, it's only six months until I get the option to change again, so we'll see.

I got commissioned to make another Hufflepuff scarf, which I got paid for yesterday. And I've had a few nail polish sales and a couple art commissions, so that's cool. Maybe one day my arts and crafts sales will pick up, but for now, at least it's a bit of nice spending cash and validation for what I like to do.

As for my other goals for the year, I've fallen COMPLETELY off the 365 Day Doodle challenge over my vacation, so I have several pages I need to catch up on, now. I still haven't worked in a writing routine. Maybe I'll get that going once I see if I can manage at least journaling on a weekly basis. And I bombed my monthly solo outings in January and February, but quite a few things on my 31 Days list involve going places that I have a feeling I'll end up doing alone, so maybe that will balance out.

That's not all I had to say, but I'm tired again, and now Wash is quiet, so I might crawl back into bed until my alarm actually goes off.

Good morning/night!
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