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24 August 2016 @ 10:45 pm
When the real world intervenes  
A crushing side effect to working in a place that promises an escape from reality is that reality, when it hits, hits HARD. My uncle died a few days ago. His funeral was tonight, but my leaders in my area were either unable or unwilling to give me the time off to make the trip home to Louisiana to attend. I have a lot of feelings about how the situation was handled, but none bear discussion right now. I was not at all close to this uncle. Couldn't even tell you the last time I saw him. What aches about his death is how much my aunt and cousins must be hurting and how desperately I wish I could give them all hugs right now.

And on an entirely selfish front, it makes the mortality of my own parents that much more frightening. Uncle Chip was younger than they are. He was my mom's baby sister's husband, and my mom is the eldest of seven.

I want to be surrounded by family right now. I want to be crying with them, then laughing at the ridiculous, hilarious, and stupid stories they tell as they reminisce. Instead I'm alone. I'm not laughing. I'm just sad and trying not to dwell on the fact that I've reached an age where this could soon become more commonplace.


And there are other things to share, too. To get my mind off things. I never wrote about my amazing trip to London and Paris. I should do that, eventually. But just before the trip, I injured myself at work when my hand slipped lifting a heavy load of drinks in the stock room. I whacked my wrist on the shelving unit, and the pain never went away. In fact, it seemed to get worse. A doctor at work diagnosed me with a bruised bone, and I've been wearing a wrist splint and even doing some occupational therapy for two months, now. Today I had another of multiple follow-ups with the doctor, who determined to send me to a specialist because he doesn't "know what else to do for me."

This is now the third time in my life those words have been spoken to me regarding my health. Twice for the Headache, which I've just learned to live with, and now for this. I can only hope hearing that phrase about my wrist pain doesn't turn out to be just as ominous and long-lasting.


I need to go to bed, but first I should write about happy things. Focus on the good, yeah?

Today I was invited to the wedding of one of my oldest friend's sister. It honored me to actual tears, because she's having a very tiny wedding. I was also invited to the wedding of an old work friend of mine, which I should probably RSVP to like a responsible adult-type person.

My roommate (who, not gonna sugarcoat it, I'd been having a hard time getting along with lately) brought me Dr. Pepper and candy tonight to help cheer me up a bit, which was a thoughtful gesture I didn't expect.

I met a sweet Guest this morning who told me a fun story about her pin collection when I commented on liking her lanyard. She'd thought she lost it on a vacation two years ago, but found it this trip tucked away in a hidden pocket of one of their bags! So I gave her a pin from my lanyard to contribute to her magical collection. She was just so happy and full of energy.

And the best piece of happy news: I am just four more days away to, after a month of six days, having a two-day weekend again! If I wasn't still quite sad and trying to slow down for bed, I'd break into a Tiana-style round of "Almost There!"


I will truthfully make an effort to write something more positive here in the near future.

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14 lines of iambic pentameter: _supportsonneta on August 27th, 2016 03:11 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you couldn't get time off for your uncle's funeral, that really sucks. I would feel really angry and sad if that happened to me.

Oh no, your poor wrist! I hope the specialist can help make it feel better.
Bubbles: Starssylverwind on August 31st, 2016 01:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm still a bit upset about it, but the funeral is over, now, and there's nothing more to be done about it, so I'm trying not to stew. :)

The specialist ordered an MRI. He thinks it may be tendon-related, but whether tendon or bone bruise, he says the MRI will confirm. Now I just have to wait for work to get back to me about when I can go have it done. He also told me I don't need to wear the splint 24/7, so that's swell. (I honestly hadn't been wearing it at home, anyway, but now I don't have to feel guilty about taking it off!)