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25 January 2016 @ 12:24 pm
Just a fun, tiring week!  
I just had a truly spectacular sleep, y'all: I went to bed at midnight with the sweet knowledge that no alarm clock was waking me up this morning. I woke up once at 6:45 and panicked for a second before remembering it was my day off. I woke up again at 8, mentally said "NOPE," and rolled back over. I only officially got up at 10:30. I'm still pretty tired, but oh man, this feels so glorious.

I earned it, though, considering I put in a 12-hour day yesterday. It's been a long, draining week between the resort and DU (and even a little bit emotionally draining at home), and I'm psyched to have a couple days off to recharge, now. But the week has been good.

I got to facilitate with some awesome Cast Members at DU the days I was there. There've been a lot of good laughs in the classroom, too, including hearing one of my trainers shout, "She's gonna spew a rainbow," when discussing Guests who get ill in the parks.

And the participants have been funny, too. We have a section in one of my classes where we show them little scenes and ask what kind of equipment the company might provide them to make tasks easier. One shows a man cutting lemons with a comically large knife, and when my co asked what he might need to be safer, once of the participants said in the driest, loudest undertone: "A SMALLER KNIFE."

I about died in the back of the room. XD

They've been complimentary, too. One of the new ICPs came up at the end of my class specifically to tell me she loved my eyes. I'm pretty sure my face matched Usagi's when she said that. :D

Another young lady complimented my presentation, saying it's hard to make that much information engaging, but that I kept my energy up and helped them do it, too. Awww.

But possibly the highlight of my week was as I had the class taking their seats again after a short exercise, one young lady waved me over to ask if anyone had ever told me I sound like Joy from Inside Out. The girl next to her said, "Yeah, you sound like Amy Poehler."

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I can't even. I mean, my voice was a bit scratchy from doing three classes yesterday, BUT STIIIIILLLLLLL.

There've been several mornings this month that I've woken up, whether I was scheduled for the resort or for DU, and thought, "I really don't want to do this today." I'm not saying this has changed my mind or will stop me from saying that some mornings, but there are occasionally some nice perks to doing what I do. It's been a good work-week.