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06 January 2016 @ 08:40 pm
New Year, New Goals  
365 Day Doodle Challenge. Monthly solo-outings. Write four days a week. Weekly Disney movie, and weekly journaling.

I bombed them all. I didn't manage to do a single one of these through even half of 2015. But shockingly, I'm not disappointed in myself. Despite "failing" at my goals, I've had a good year with a lot of growth and good accomplishments. And not succeeding in these goals taught me something about myself: I get frustrated with myself when I get behind on my own self-inflicted schedule, so much so that I wash my hands of things altogether rather than continue the struggle of trying to "catch up." I kept that in mind when devising a list of new goals for this year, so maybe that will help me succeed this time around. So, in no particular order, the list of things I would like to accomplish in 2016:

Try real ramen. A little thing, first, and a little silly; but something I've always wanted to do. There is still a teenaged anime-nerd somewhere deep inside who wants to know so much more than packaged Maruchan, and it would seem there's some decent ramen available at one of the new restaurants in Disney Springs. Goal set.

Monthly solo-date. Yes, I'm recycling this one. But it's good for me. I get so down in the dumps when people have to cancel plans with me repeatedly, especially when I ask them to let me know when they're again free and then don't hear back at all. I took myself on a mini-adventure in the parks Sunday night and all day Monday, and it was just the right pick-me-up when the week after Christmas left me feeling blue. When I don't go out on my own, I forget I can have a good time without other people. And afterward, it makes me grateful to be home and cozy with a good book again.

Tea in London/Coffee in Paris. IT'S HAPPENING. Mom and I bought our plane tickets and our Eurostar pass that will take us from London to Paris. She's got her passport already. Mine hit a snag, and I had to order a new birth certificate, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and getting really excited about this trip! My first overseas, out of the country adventure! And I WILL have tea in London and coffee in Paris, and it will be awesome!

Self publish. I'm going to flippin' do it this time. I may just put a book of old poetry up or even a collection of some of my short stories from college, but I'm going to get my name out there and available for purchase. It might prove to be the motivation I need to get cracking and finish my longer works.

Read more. It took a month or two, but several weeks after I got my iTouch, I just stopped carrying books with me to work. There were plenty of things to do on the iTouch during break, and I found I wasn't keeping on with my reading, and I. Am. So. Ashamed. So I'm going to stop carrying the darn thing to work. Whatever happens on it can wait until I get home, and once I start reading on work breaks again, I know I'll keep it up at home.

Portion better. Goes without saying, but I let that slack a bit this past summer, and I can see and feel the difference.

Arm exercises. I used to do this every morning before or after brushing my teeth. Again, I started slacking over the last several months, and it's time for that to stop.

Seven hours of sleep. I failed at this last night because I was so close to finishing an epic binge-watch of Downton Abbey. Oops. But the goal is to at least start getting more than five or six hours of sleep every night, because I'm not flippin' 20 anymore, and I just can't handle it.

I'd also like to work on the Etsy shop more, including a potential rename that I haven't definitely worked out, yet. And when I get back from my trip (or potentially even a couple weeks before I leave), I'm going to start considering options for my future. Both work and home life have me feeling stagnant, stressed, and frustrated, which means it's time for a change. I need a different role soon, and I need a stable living situation that doesn't equate to my throwing my money away on someone else's mortgage.

If I write again anytime soon, it will be about Christmas and my weekend adventures. But I'm on six days this week and possibly next week, too, so I may just sleep forever instead.